Problems breed innovation.  When the problem can’t be solved with what we have, we build something new.  Companies all around the world are pressing forward and solving problems in the logistics industry.  Trucking, warehousing, and logistics in general are getting smarter, more efficient, and technologically advanced.  Though there are some kinks still being worked out among the various innovations, we are well on our way to an industry revolution.  

Autonomous Trucks

What get’s the most press in logistics innovation is without a doubt the autonomous or unmanned truck.  Companies like TORC, Tesla, Alphabet-owned Waymo, CAT, Aurora and more are all leading the pack.  Many believe the first to market with the “silver bullet” autonomous truck tech will win but companies like TORC have a different view.  They believe there will be multiple winners in the autonomous truck “race” but their emphasis is on patience and good management.  More on TORC here.  

Platooning Technology

While fully autonomous, independent Class 8 trucks may not be mainstream for the foreseeable future, platooning technology allows the vigilance of a human driver while increasing the amount a truck can pull.  Locomation’s Autonomous Relay Convoy (ARC) allows a lead truck and driver to pull another truck in tandem.  Their ideal model involves a manned pilot truck and a manned tandem truck.  Only one of the drivers will be piloting at a time, while the other is resting.  

AI for Warehousing and Logistics Optimization

Broad strokes artificial intelligence carries a near-infinite list of possible utilities.  In trucking and logistics, AI is being implemented in several important ways.  Autonomous trucks are several steps ahead, but right now, AI is helping drivers’ fuel efficiency by tracking routes and using real-time analytics to adapt to road conditions.  Furthermore, the use of AI in stacking and organizing freight accomplishes the most efficient placement of items within a trailer.  Now, take that same principle, and apply it to a hundred-thousand-square-foot warehouse.  AI is making everything in logistics smarter, faster, and more efficient.  

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