Getting cargo from point A to point B has become an increasingly large headache for many companies in the U.S. It would not be hyperbolic to say, without truckers, our supply chain would come to a screeching halt.  In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, trucks moved over 10 billion tons of freight.  With that in mind, here are 5 vital trucking trends to track this year.

Immigration and the Driver Crisis

Suffering from the same labor shortage as the United States, Canada has opted to allow certain Express Entry programs to immigrants who are skilled drivers.  In 2022 “a total of 6,367 immigrants were nominated through the provincial nominee program…  Transport truck drivers, food-service supervisors, cooks, food-counter attendants, and industrial butchers were among the top job categories of provincial nominee program applicants” (CBC Article here).  If proven viable, it may be wise for the U.S. to consider adopting a similar program to ease the shortage.  

Better Work Conditions

There are a lot of reasons we have a shortage of drivers in North America.  For example, drivers often clock 80+ hour work weeks.  And OTR truckers, even more than that.  This leaves little room to intentionally build a healthy lifestyle with work.  Additionally, truckers often eat less nutritious food and are unable to exercise regularly.  With these long hours often stretching into the night hours, sleep deprivation is also an issue.  It quickly became a necessity for companies to figure out how to retain truckers.  Providing better benefits, increasing the use of time-saving tech, and attracting younger workers are key to the future of the industry.

Technological Advances

Supply chain and warehouse management continue to see a rise in the implementation of AI-centric software in booking and managing freight.  Consequently, this reduces human error, saves time, reduces fuel usage, and maximizes the available space in a trailer. 

Online Load Booking

It is highly likely that load booking will continue to show a dramatic shift to online/in-app load booking for drivers.  According to a Trucker Tools survey, 52% of survey respondents indicated it took them less than ten minutes to book a load electronically through their Book It Now software.  

Local/Regional Hauls

With e-commerce booming and increased demand for even faster delivery, local and regional hauls are becoming much more popular among drivers.  Furthermore, a shift away from overnight hauls to local and regional could mean an easier work/life balance for truckers in the future.  

We at Texas Elite Logistics know this industry is facing challenges.  We intend to face them head-on and come through stronger and more streamlined.  Chat with our team today and let us help you tackle your logistical challenges.