Logistics make the world go ‘round.  In our day and age of shipping and delivery, operating with sustainability at the core is vital for the health of our planet and the bottom lines of our businesses.  

The importance of logistics data

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) development have proved incredibly valuable to the logistics industry.  Utilizing AI-integrated software cuts down on wasted time, manpower, and fuel.  AI can take measurements of the exact dimensions of a shipping crate and its contents to create the most efficient packing scheme for its contents.  Furthermore, mapping out ideal routes for delivery drivers has never been easier.  Gathering end-to-end logistical data is vital for creating more effective solutions for your business and operating sustainably for our planet.   

Investing in Green Solutions

Diesel fuel powers roughly 76% of our nation’s commercial trucks, but its energy utilization efficiency is only 21%.  Whereas electric trucks’ energy efficiency utilization is 73% (Study from TUMI).  Utilizing lower or zero-carbon fuels improves efficiency and is another step toward a sustainable industry.  

Proactive solutions will be rewarded

From Dr. Daniel Haag, the director of PwC Strategy, 

“Many companies are too defensive or reactive when it comes to sustainability. This makes sustainability a ticking time bomb for the transport and logistics industry.”

Integrating sustainability into your company’s vision and future strategy is incredibly important for the longevity of your business and the industry.  

We Can Help!

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