This past year due to COVID-19, logistics firms, which are in charge of the movement, storage, and flow of goods, have been majorly affected. A lot of businesses have had to make changes and adapt to the new norm. Over the past two years we have seen shortages of products; one reason being that goods were not being able to be shipped overseas, which is where a lot of products come from. This is one of the reasons why local sourcing is extremely important. The pandemic has highlighted that, and has changed the supply chain as we know it.

Product Shortages

As the pandemic has halted factory operations, goods such as electronics and household paper products all the way to lumber and clothing have seen major shortages. COVID-19 has affected nearly every aspect of the global supply chain causing prices of goods to go up due to the fact that there is a limited amount being produced. At the start of the pandemic, many of the factories where a lot of the world’s manufacturing takes place were shutting down. Shipping companies responded by cutting their schedules with the idea that there would be a drop in demand for products, however, this was not the case. Instead, Americans were overbuying things, not only in a panic, but also because staying at home all day and everyday was going to be the new norm. This meant ordering items such as office chairs or office supplies to make WFH easier all the way to cooking equipment because restaurants were closed and people had more time on their hands to cook home cooked meals.

Why Sourcing Locally is Beneficial

So why is sourcing locally beneficial not only in general, but especially during times like these?

One reason is that local sourcing allows organizations to adapt quickly to shifting consumer demands which in turn allows supply chain professionals to meet their customers and clients needs. Local sourcing is also more ethical and sustainable. By reducing the amount of time products are stored as well as cancelling out the need to haul products overseas, organizations’ carbon footprints will significantly decrease.

Sourcing locally also allows for a more meaningful buyer-supplier relationship. Professionals are able to meet with their suppliers in person, rather than through the phone or via email. Having this relationship allows you to communicate better and resolve conflicts quicker and easier. This is also the best way to gain trust and loyalty which are two really important things when you are relying on someone to send your products from point A to point B.

Texas Elite Does it the Best

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